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Historic Preservation


Historic preservation isn’t just about saving old buildings from the wrecking ball and it certainly isn’t about hindering progress; preserving historic resources enhances community personality and gives a community its unique character by providing a link to those who came before.  There are numerous benefits for the entire community while fostering each individual’s sense of belonging and community pride, but here's a brief summary of the main ones:

Cultural – Historic preservation shows appreciation for the builders of our past that means future builders will be inspired and aspire to create designs worthy of preserving for future generations. A community that values its tangible past values all individuals for contributions great and small.

Economic – the preservation of historic buildings helps to increase property values and property tax revenues in immediate and surrounding areas as well as bringing in heritage tourism dollars. Restoration efforts create jobs through more labor-intensive efforts while utilizing existing materials.

Development – Careful community planning that includes preservation of historic buildings means that the past is respected while contributing to healthy growth.

Revitalization – Protecting our unique and historic Downtown, the heart and soul of Escondido, demonstrates that we value our social identity and provides an area to honor our past and hold future events.  Protecting the Old Escondido Historic District and other historic neighborhoods and structures honors the pioneers who lived there and validates the importance of the people who have contributed to what Escondido is today while inspiring current and future generations.

Environment - Restoring buildings instead of demolishing existing ones and building new ones, is environmentally responsible.  Every time an older building is demolished, a significant amount of embedded energy is lost while considerably more energy is needed to build the replacement.


For all of the above reasons and more, “to assist in the preservation of historic buildings, sites, monuments, and markers” is a stated purpose in the Escondido History Center’s Articles of Incorporation.

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