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Tom Bandy General Blacksmith

Our Blacksmith Shop


 Tom Bandy General Blacksmith Shop in the Escondido History Center offers classes from January-June. Classes are postponed indefinitely as we close for clean-up and redesign of our facilities. An announcement will be made when classes resume. Until then, take a look at some past project our blacksmiths have done throughout the years!

The Tom Bandy General Blacksmithing Shop was built in 1993 as a place where the community could come and experience the historical art of blacksmithing.

Keeping with the trade of Mr. Tom Bandy himself, our group of representatives practice the techniques of general blacksmithing, creating farm tools, hand tools, and ornamental iron work. 

The replica was created when Phil Ewing and long time friend and resident philanthropist Ari De Jong set on a task of building a replica of Tom Bandy's shop that was originally located on Kalmia Street in 1908. 


Located in a green corrugated metal building in Grape Day Park, our facility houses three main areas: a teaching facility, a working museum, and the wheelwright and woodworking extension. 

  The Arie De Jong Teaching Facility has five forges (which meet EPA standards); each with a Champion 400 hand crank blower, post vise, and anvil. The center of the building features a replica of a blacksmith shop as it would appear in the early 1900s. This part of the shop includes a demonstrational forge, a line shaft, trip hammer, hack saw, and drill press. Equipment from the original shop on Kalmia St. includes: the anvil, drill press, reciprocating saw, and power hammer, plus many of the hand tools. The reconstructed shop office includes the original wood facing burned by brands made by the shop, the roll top desk and wooden cash register.

  The wheelwright and woodworking shop was added onto the east end of the building in 2007, producing and restoring a number of historical carriages and wagons.


Tom Bandy Blacksmiths Honored by City of Escondido

  In May of 2018, 110 years after Tom Bandy established his blacksmith shop and 25 years after the blacksmith shop was moved to a new building in Grape Day Park, our Tom Bandy Blacksmiths were honored by Escondido's Historic Preservation Commission and City Council for their efforts to preserve tangible history and to pass on the art of blacksmithing to future generations. Accepting the award from Mayor Sam Abed in the photograph are Arie de Jong and Phil Ewing. 


Arie de Jong (middle) and Phil Ewing (right) Receiving Award

Bandy History


321 N. Broadway

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Escondido, CA 92033


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Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm

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