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Grape Day Festival Sept. 14th, 2023


Sept.14th, 2024 - Event Agreement & FAQs
- Grape Day Park –


The Grape Day Festival has grown to become known as an Artisan festival, providing our community with the finest hand-crafted products from local artists. The Grape Day Festival respectfully requests that all vendors concede and abide by this request: All items sold by vendors must be hand made by the vendors themselves. Absolutely no wholesale, manufactured, or imported merchandise will be allowed in the Grape Day Festival. If such items are found in vendor’s booth(s), the vendor will be asked to remove items, and the offender will not be invited to participate in this event again.

The number of artisans in each category will be limited by the Grape Day Festival.



  • 10x10 ft booth $110 - must supply own pop-up tent

  • 10x10 ft booth with electricity $110 plus $30 electricity fee- must supply own pop-up tent

*There is an additional $25 fee if sharing a booth & both vendors must apply & be accepted separately


Vendors may apply for up to two spaces, as area is limited at the venue of our event.


Electricity access is LIMITED. Vendors who would like electricity will be located around our Santa Fe Train Depot. As we have a limited number of spaces around our facility, these locations will be allotted on a first come first serve basis contingent to application and acceptance. Vendor is responsible for bringing a heavy-duty extension cord, which must be taped down, and fire department Ok’d. Please indicate if electricity is needed in the space provided on the application.


Food vendors are responsible for health department permits. All permits must be posted in food booth. A certified fire extinguisher is required by the fire marshal.


All Vendors must bring own supplies including tables, chairs, displays, pop up tents, etc. Vendors must have booth set up no later than 11:45 am or vendor may be removed from the event without refund, no exceptions. Vendors may not tear down their booth any earlier than 6:00 pm and are responsible for leaving the area in the same condition it was found.​

We want to encourage vendors to bring handy work and/or displays with them to demonstrate and educate attendees about their craft. The Grape Day Festival is here to provide a fun learning experience for the public as well as connecting them local vendors! 


The venue has a one-way entrance and exit so patience is key. Please check in, unload only, re-park your car in designated vendor parking lot, then return to set up your booth. Map and further directions will be provided at a later date through email.


All vendors are expected to post and share about the festival on their social media accounts. Each post and share helps to get the community excited for the event! Marketing materials will be provided upon acceptance. Let's all do our part to share, promote, and advertise the event!!



Payment is due upon date indicated on invoice unless otherwise specified. Vendor fee is non-refundable unless in the unlikely event that Grape Day Festival is canceled with no rescheduling date. No refunds will be issued due to lack of sales or competing vendors.



Vendors may not share or sublease their space without prior approval; this includes renting, sharing, donating or in any other way allowing for another company or person to display or advertise in your paid space. Vendors caught sharing or subleasing will be expected to pay double the rate for their booth space on the day of the event. Failure to pay will result in removal from the event. Vendors that are disruptive, objectionable, or inappropriate in nature, as interpreted by the Grape Day Festival, will be removed from the event without refund.



1. The Escondido History Center, Brothers of 6 Charities, Inc. and the officers, agents, contractors, and employees of these organizations shall not be responsible for any injuries to persons and/or any damage or loss of property for any reason, including theft, unless such loss of property is caused by negligence of promoter. The Vendor is solely responsible for personal property. Vendor is required to provide internal staffing to watch and maintain all booth property (e.g. Merchandise, Display Units, Promotional Collateral).


2. The vendors will also be required to provide proof of General Liability Insurance along with payment if the vendor’s application is accepted by the Grape Day Festival. The Certificates of Insurance must include the “Escondido History Center” as the Additional Insured.


     a. The Vendor Agreement shall become binding between the parties only upon (a) Grape Day Festival sending the vendor a confirmation and (b) the vendor’s acceptance of the Grape Day Festival Vendor Agreement by paying the booth rental fee and sending proof of insurance (Click Here for insurance application). The policy endorsement must meet the following requirement of one million ($1,000,000) per occurrence and two million ($2,000,000) in aggregate coverage. Proof of insurance must be submitted with booth payment before the deadline indicated on acceptance email.   

    b. Vendors will also be required to fill out and sign Form BOE-410 to be submitted with payment and proof of insurance on the date indicated on acceptance email.



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