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Field Trips

The Escondido History Center regularly hosts field trips for groups of various sizes.  We an adjust the scope of information presented to fit your age group, study focus, and time frame.  Please contact the History Center at 70-743-8207 for more information and to schedule your visit.

Current Exhibits

  • Railroad Depot Office and Waiting Room in Santa Fe Depot

  • H-O model train in Pullman Train Car

  • Blacksmithing and Wheelwright activity in the Bandy Blacksmith Shop on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

  • We regret that the Victorian House is undergoing renovation and is closed until late February. 

  • The Main Office and Research Center is currently undergoing renovation, as well, but photographs and research can still be accessed.

Coffee and Magazines

Lesson Plans

The Escondido History Center looks forward to developing lesson plans for teachers and home schooling parents so that our schoolchildren can learn all about Escondido's fascinating and unique history.

We are asking for input regarding this project; please feel free if you have ideas or suggestions, or if you'd like to participate on a committee to develop the plans.

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