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2021 Escondido Legends Scholarship Program

Generously made possible with funding by Jack Raymond.



  The Third Annual Escondido History Center Legends Scholarship Program has selected the 2021 Escondido Legends, each a legendary person in Escondido’s history. Every senior student acknowledged attends a high school in Escondido and has received an honorarium of $1,000 for participating in a variety of school activities and demonstrating leadership qualities while attending high school.  Volunteerism in the community is also highly important.  The honorarium, a framed certificate, and an Escondido History Center Student Membership was recently awarded to each of the honored seniors at the Santa Fe Train Depot in Grape Day Park.


Click on an underlined name to read that Escondido Legend’s full story.

CLIFFORD “GAVVY” CRAVATH, Professional Baseball Player - awarded to ELSA HAAS, Escondido High School, for exceptional involvement in varsity baseball or softball, and/or an interest in sports management or coaching.

  Gavvy Cravath was a multi-sport athlete at Escondido High School and went on to become an All-Star, record setting power hitter and professional baseball manager. After his baseball career was over, he served as a Judge for 30 years. Elsa started playing baseball at six years old, but when she was 11 she switched to softball and was a catcher. When she entered Escondido High School, Coach Carey switched her to shortstop and she was awarded Rookie of the Year. After that, she was awarded the Golden Glove Award her sophomore year. Softball was cut short in Alisa’s Junior year but she is looking forward to resuming her softball leadership role in her senior year.  She also volunteers by teaching techniques and skills to girls in Escondido Girls Softball League in clinics at Kit Carson Park.

  Stagecraft has also become a passion for Elsa. As a freshman, Alisa began learning set construction, costume design, hair/make-up for actors, publicity, and all aspects of sound and lighting. Alisa has been Crew Chief for multiple shows such as; Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940s, Legally Blonde, Radium Girls, and Into the Woods. Other smaller productions over the years added to her enjoyment of creating a show and having it come to life in front of an audience. Alisa is hoping Escondido High can restart The Adams Family this year after it was cut short her junior year because of the pandemic.

  Alisa's outstanding academic record has aided her acceptance to a number of colleges where she wants to study Criminology or Forensic Science, play softball and be involved in production management. The activities Alisa has excelled at Escondido High has earned her the honorarium for ESCONDIDO FOUNDING LEGEND, Gavvy Cravath.

GEORGE CORDRY, News Reporter and Community Leader – awarded  to ALEXIS MARION, Classical Academy, for exceptional involvement in media production and/or a demonstrated interest in school sports.  


  George Cordry loved both journalism and sports. He also loved Escondido, having served the city in many ways during his lifetime.  Alexis played a key role in the publication of the nationally award-winning yearbook at Classical Academy. She was active in page design, writing copy, creating layouts and meeting deadlines. Her favorite role was interviewing and learning the passion of students from different countries, learning their cultures, then writing their stories.

Swimming has been a love of Alexis’ since she was six years old. She joined the high school swim team as a freshman, specializing in the breaststroke and freestyle. The extremely rigorous workouts and challenging meets have all been worth it because of the relationships she has developed with her teammates.

  Escondido has strongly benefited from Alexis’ community service. Over the past four years, she has volunteered for more than 140 hours at Interfaith Community Services, kid’s camps at New Life Presbyterian Church, New Community Church and Valley Christian School, where she helped set up Veterans Day Chapels.

  Alexis’ excellent academic record, her interest in people and their cultures, the love of story writing and digital media have led her to a goal of attending a university to pursue a degree in journalism, with a concentration in digital media.

  All the attributes that made George Cordry a Forever Legend, are exemplified in Alexis Marion, and will enable her to succeed as she transitions to the next level.


JACK PORT, Military Hero and Businessman – awarded to ERYN HOEFFIGER, Escondido High School, for participation in Junior ROTC or an Armed Forces commitment. Additional consideration given for participation and interest in business education.

 Eryn has excelled as an entrepreneur, event organizer, athlete, and community volunteer, all while maintaining high academic standards.

  As an entrepreneur, Eryn has raised an abundance of livestock in Escondido High School’s Future Farmers of America program. Starting with a lamb in her freshman year, Eryn became an intern for the breeding and marketing program for lambs and goats. Now as a senior, she is in charge of 24 ewes, 2 rams, 12 does, 1 buck and all of the offspring until they are handed off to other students. Additionally, Eryn is raising a pig and a steer for the San Diego County Fair.

Using her organizational skills and leadership, Eryn has been chairperson of a number of FFA events for the school and the community including the Pumpkinfest, Carol for the Can, Steak Fry, Staff Appreciation Breakfast, and Bingo Night.

  Eryn is also an athlete. She was captain of the girl’s water polo team, member of the swim team, played softball and played on the girl’s golf team for four years. Halfway through her junior year, Covid-19 struck and abruptly ended almost everything important to her. The only thing that kept her going were the daily trips to care for her animals.

 Eryn has volunteered with her dad since she was seven years old at the local American Legion Post 147 through the Sons of the American Legion. She helped with a large breakfast buffet for local veterans and the community. With her parents,Eryn has delivered Meals-on-Wheels to homebound seniors for more than 15 years.

  With an excellent academic record, Eryn plans to attend the University of Wyoming with a major in Animal Science, then enrolling in Veterinary school. After earning her degree, Eryn wants to open a veterinary practice and to have a family. Ultimately, Eryn wants her children to continue in FAA and participate in 4H.

  Eryn’s goals are set and reflect the values and life of ESCONDIDO FOREVER LEGEND, Jack Port.

JANE TRUSSELL, Career Educator, Softball and Tennis Player – awarded to OLIVIA ANDERSON, Escondido High School, for strong interest in a career in education. Additional consideration given for exceptional participation in varsity softball and /or tennis.

  Olivia Anderson, will graduate number one in her class academically with a 4.5 GPA; she has earned straight As during each of her four years. She strives to be the very best in everything she does. She exemplifies the drive, hard work, desire, composure, endurance, with an intense desire to learn that were so much a part of Jane Trussell’s life as an athlete, educator, principal and school superintendent.

  During her freshman year at Escondido High School, Olivia received varsity letters in tennis, soccer, and track. During her freshman tennis season, she earned the spot of the number one singles player and also was honored with the Most Improved Single’s Player award at the end of the season. In soccer, she earned the starting center midfielder position. In track, she earned the Coach’s Award at the end of the season.

During her sophomore year, Olivia earned varsity letters in track and cross country. While on the cross-country team, she earned top runner honors and was awarded the Most Valuable Player on her team. In track she ran the mile with a personal best of just under 6 minutes.

  The following summer, on a training trip to Mammoth with the cross country team, she suffered a serious stress fracture in her foot while running toe-to-toe with the number one varsity boy. The injury was so severe, it put an abrupt end to her Cross-Country season and ended any opportunity for her to compete in either cross Country or track during her junior or senior years.

  Sports have not been her only focus as Olivia earned the highest honor in Girl Scouts; the Girl Scout Gold Award. She held leadership positions in and is a lifetime member of both the California Scholastic Federation and the National Honor Society. 

  Olivia has also immersed herself in serving the Community. She served as the CSF’s Community Partner for the Humane Society where she coordinated donations and fundraisers. She also organized the Society’s annual Walk for Animals, their major annual fundraiser. While in Girl Scouts, she raised funds for various organizations as well as making blankets for the Serenity House, and volunteering at food banks. She also created the “Preserving Value” program for seniors that recognized the issues of senior citizen loneliness and disconnections from society. She did this by interviewing 40 senior citizens and documenting each life story in the form of a personalized book that she then presented to each of the seniors she interviewed.

  Olivia’s goals and aspirations for her future include a career in Public Health. She has already been accepted with honors to Tulane University and is awaiting responses from a number of other major universities before deciding where she will attend college. Her ultimate goal is to serve the world, fighting for equity, especially in a biological and medical context, whether through scientific research or public policy, or an application of both intertwined.

JUAN BATISTA ALVARADO, Pioneer and Rancher – awarded to ALLISON CAVE, Escondido High School, and JASMINE GRANADOS, Escondido High School, for agricultural leadership and for exceptional participation in FFA with a focus on animals.

  Señor Juan Batista Alvarado was granted nearly 13,000 acres of land in 1843 by the Mexican Government and raised cattle, selling the hides in San Diego. Allison Cave is being awarded an honorarium in Alvarado’s name for having raised livestock for seven years, the last four with Escondido FFA.

  Allison was introduced to FFA when she was 5 years old. Her sister, Amber Dubois, planned to raise a lamb but, her life tragically cut short, she never had the opportunity. Because of Amber, Allison’s family has provided a scholarship for an Escondido High FFA freshman to raise a lamb. In her freshman year, Allison wrote an essay and raised a lamb in her sister’s honor. Since that time, she has raised seven lambs and three pigs. She now has a group of friends who love FFA and agriculture as much as she does.

  Realizing that raising livestock isn’t meant to be easy, Allison encourages new students to have patience with their animals. That understanding and dedication allowed her to obtain an Internship at Palomar Hospital. Unfortunately, Covid-19 ended this voluntary patient care.

  Allison’s goals have centered around her love of animals. She would like to be a veterinarian or manage a livestock facility. As a hobby, Allison would like to buy, train, and sell horses. One more goal is to restart her mom’s search and rescue non-profit, Team Amber Rescue.

  The attributes that made Señor Juan Batista Alvarado a 2020 FOUNDING LEGEND are exemplified in Allison Cave, and will enable her to succeed as she transitions to the next level.


  Señor Juan Batista Alvarado was an astute businessman, rancher and agricultural leader. In 1843 he was granted nearly 13,000 acres of land by the Mexican Government and named the property "Rancho Rincon del Diablo." That land grant is basically Escondido today. Jasmine Granados has excelled in Alvarado’s characteristics at Escondido High School, Future Farmers of America, and the community.

  Throughout high school, Jasmine participated in Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) in FFA. She has created a business website, selling floral arrangements she designs. Raising a lamb for market during Jasmine’s sophomore year added to her agricultural experience.

  Although Jasmine admits that her freshman year was difficult, being at a new school and meeting new friends, her teachers and the FFA helped her through the year. As she continued her involvement in FFA, public speaking and debate competitions, Parliamentary Competitions, floral arranging, and raising a lamb has enabled her to develop self-confidence and improve leadership skills. While visiting the University of California, Davis and, seeing the diverse atmosphere and how agriculture is immersed in our culture, Jasmine was encouraged toward her goal of becoming a high school agriculture teacher.

  Through Escondido High’s FFA program, Jasmine has organized a drive-thru trick or treat event, virtual escapes and various virtual game shows. She served as Vice President of FFA during her junior year and developed leadership and delegation skills. Jasmine is currently FFA President and has successfully used her acquired leadership abilities during this very difficult pandemic school year.

  Our community has benefited from Jasmine’s skills and energy. Over the past four years, she has worked to provide food and supplies to families in our community and this past year, through Interfaith Council, she has concentrated on helping those struggling during the pandemic. Organizing the annual Pals and Farm for young and special needs students, she is reaching out to future leaders in agriculture.

  Juan Batista Alvarado was an agriculture pioneer and settled in the hidden valley of Escondido, but the future of agriculture is now in the excellent academic and capable hands of Escondido High School’s FFA senior student leader, Jasmine Granados.

PETE COSCARART, Professional Baseball Player – awarded to JULIA BLOUNT, Classical Academy, for exceptional participation in varsity baseball or softball. Additional consideration given for participation in the performing arts.

  Pete Coscarart distinguished himself as a professional baseball Allstar. At Escondido High School, not only did he excel at baseball, but he was an all-around athlete and a leader in the movement for the rights of professional baseball players.

  Julia’s athletic participation at Classical Academy started when she was captain of the girl’s freshman volleyball team. With the encouragement of her best friend and Julia’s love of baseball, she tried out for softball her sophomore year. Julia fell in love with the sport, the other players, and the team work. Interested in organizing and planning, she researched sports management and knew it was something she would like to do.

  Thanks to the leadership she developed in athletics and her desire to impact others, Julia served Classical Academy in her junior year as the class president. This new role was one of her best experiences and encouraged her to pursue elected office again and she is currently the ASB President. The role of being an elected officer has now become a large part of her life and enabled her to meet many new people and make an impact on other lives.

  Julia has served the community in numerous ways. She has helped build houses in Mexico, volunteered for a homeless ministry for three years, taught volleyball and other athletic skills at camps for k-8 students, and is involved in the Global Leadership Initiative at her church.

  Julia wants to continue working toward a professional sports management career and, as a sideline, pursue culinary classes on-line..Julia’s excellent academic record, her love of softball, and her desire to assume leadership roles to strive for the improved conditions for others has enabled her to demonstrate the same characteristics of 2020 ESCONDIDO FOREVER LEGEND Pete Coscarart.

ROBERT FREEMAN, Professional Artist – awarded to AUDREY DEUBIG, Escondido High School, and AYLEN NAYIVA AMADOR HUERTA, Escondido High School, for exceptional participation in the fine arts. Additional consideration will be given for participation in groups promoting human dignity.


  ESCONDIDO FOREVER LEGEND Robert Freeman’s artistic expressions and compassion for others are also an integral part of Audrey Deubig’s life. Audrey has participated in a wide variety of clubs, sports, and community service organizations while maintaining high academic success at Escondido High School. Performing in musical theater at school and in the community is her passion.

  Since the age of six, Audrey has performed in a variety of musical theater performances. As a freshman at Escondido High, she had the lead role in Legally Blonde. Her leadership role in theater has been enhanced by working closely with directors, choreographers, cast-mates, and production staff. While she continues her involvement with performing arts at school, Audrey has earned numerous musical theater awards including six National Youth Arts Awards and in 2020 was named Artist of the Year for San Diego by the National Youth Arts. Additionally, Audrey was second Regionally and fifth Nationally for musical theater through national Youth Arts. She has gained professional credit through Moonlight Stage Productions and has been cast in top- rated theater companies in San Diego County.

  Audrey began playing tennis at the age of ten and, as a freshman at Escondido High, Audrey led her team to CIF in doubles and earned a varsity letter. Service and participation at Escondido High and the community has also been important to Audrey. She is a founding member of Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS), an organization offering a safe place for many students to meet, develop friendships and speak openly about their views and feelings. Audrey is also a member of National Honor Society where very high academic standards, exceptional citizenship, and community service are expected. In the community, in addition to using her musical talent gifts at camps for kids, singing at nursing homes and homeless shelters, Audrey delights in volunteering to rescue homeless, abused and neglected animals through Paws 4 Thought and Amazing Strays Rescue.

  Her future goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater and a teaching credential will enable Audrey to achieve her plan to teach at a local elementary school and be involved in youth arts at local community and professional theater companies.


  Robert Freeman’s natural gifts in multiple forms of artistic expression and his compassion for others, were the reasons he was selected a 2020 ESCONDIDO FOREVER LEGEND. Aylen Nayiva Amador Huerta, a senior at Escondido High School, is receiving an honorarium in his name for the many ways she promotes human dignity and leadership in the fine arts.

  Aylen plans to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social work and, following the example of school counselors that have helped her, help children who are in unhealthy environments, teens who struggle with mental health issues, and support low-income families. Aylen is well on her way to accomplishing these goals with an extraordinary academic record at Escondido High School and Palomar College.

  Aylen is a volunteer for “Words of Kindness”at EHS, which distributes anonymous letters to school staff, tutors  underclassmen in English and Science, is a member of the National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, Winter Guard, and the Young Activist’s Society

  Aylen has a passion to make a difference in her community. As one of the first members of the Mariachi Club at Escondido High, she performs at school, Grape Day Park, at homes, and businesses. She also serves as the captain of the Altar Team at church, is an award-winning volunteer for three years at Central School, volunteers at homeless shelters, helps with beach clean ups, and participates in bringing awareness to important movements such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and Feeding America.

  Her rigorous academic schedule and widely based volunteerism has not deterred Alyen’s participation in the fine arts. With the strong belief that music can bring people together, as the Flute Section Leader for Escondido High’s Marching and Concert Bands and during these virtual learning restrictions, she has developed methods for video involvement.

Aylen Nayiva Amador Huerta, with her caring spirit, activity in the Fine Arts and the pursuit of Human Dignity has honored 2020 ESCONDIDO FOREVER LEGEND, Robert Freeman.

SID HOLLINS, Educator and Civic Leader – awarded to ANGELEAH MADORE, Escondido High School, for pronounced interest in pursuing a career in elementary education. Additional consideration given for participation in varsity basketball and/or school government.  

  Sid Hollins came from humble beginnings but displayed leadership as a student at Escondido High School, in education, and in our community. Angeleah Madore’s academic and leadership progress has demonstrated those characteristics and promises a continuation of excellence. Her perseverance and self-determination, with the skills and guidance provided by AVID, teachers and counselors, has enabled her to achieve academic excellence. Memberships in the National Honors Society, California Scholarship Federation, North County Academic League, Key Club and Cougar Ambassadors, have enabled her to serve her school, the community and make many friends.

  Leadership has been displayed by Angeleah’s increasing responsibility in the music department. For two years, she served as part of the Marching Band Student Leadership, and as a junior, she was Quartermaster. Those roles, ensuring all band members were properly attired and prepared for various performances, taught her to work under pressure, think quickly, and make last-minute decisions. Those experiences prepared her for the current leadership roles as Drum Major and Brass Captain. Angeleah leads the band during rehearsals and performances. Covid-19 has made  leadership more difficult, but she held virtual meetings with section leaders and developed other online activities.

  Many of the school clubs and organizations in which Angeleah participates enable her to serve many needs of our community. Additionally, she has spent every summer traveling to the Philippines with her parents. Before each trip, she collects clothing, shoes, toys, and candy. Once in the Philippines, she purchases basic necessities like toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and food, distributing everything to the most desperate neighborhoods. This makes Angeleah feel she is making an impact on other people’s lives and she has come to realize that what she does for those in other countries, she should do for her community.

  Angeleah’s development as a musician and leader has led her to the decision to major in Music Education and become a high school music teacher. She would like the opportunity and challenge of working in a low-income school because, as a female and person of color, she would serve as a role model. 2020 Escondido Forever Legend, Sid Hollins and our community will look with pride in all that Angeleah has and will accomplish.

The Escondido Legends committee has begun planning for the 2021 Escondido Legends awards; check the website for information as it becomes available or call 760-743-8207.

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