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©2019 by The Escondido History Center

First Saturday Freshen-Ups

Every month

8:00 am - 9:30

  1. Edge, pull weeds from cracks in sidewalks, sweep/blow

  2. Sweep dust, cobwebs from walls, eaves, and railings

  3. Weed, dead head flower beds, including rose garden

  4. Rake grass, beds

  5. Mow grass behind buildings

  6. Pick up trash

  7. Paint over graffiti, mismatched paint

  8. Sweep dust, cobwebs from walkway lights

One-Time Projects

Museum Complex Grounds

  1. Restore outhouse

  2. Paint white trim on right barn door

  3. Paint bare wood eave on rear of barn, toward east side

  4. Paint bead board panel under window on left side of house to rear

  5. Prune accessible branches from tree behind pump house

Event Assistance

Sat., Feb. 29


Rummage Sale

EHC area

  1. Set up tables, cover  7:30 am

  2. Pull boxes of merchandise out of barn  7:45 am

  3. Box leftover items, tear down tables 1:00 pm

  4. Take specific leftover items to charity 1:30 pm