Escondido has a rich history of people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, coming together as a community and that diversity continues to be one of its strongest features today. From the beginning, when pioneering families settled in this hidden valley, it grew steadily with a boom in the 1950s and it continued growing with a population that exceeds 145,000 today.  Housing for the expanding population has brought a variety of building methods and styles that has created a great diversity of neighborhoods and often among individual homes within those neighborhoods.

We are also a community of faith.  The Escondido Land & Town Company donated land to churches in Escondido’s early days and, since then, churches of many faiths have continued to multiply here.  Several significant faith-based events have occurred over the years, including the observance of the National Day of Prayer. 

Schools and the way education is delivered have transitioned over the years.  From the first elementary school and then the USC seminary, a strong school system has grown. Public schools and, more recently, charter schools and options for home schooling give families a wider variety of choices.

We care about our past, as well.  A strong historic preservation program, instituted in 1992, created the Old Escondido Neighborhood Historic District and is protecting and preserving our built history throughout the city, while the Escondido History Center and the Library’s Pioneer Room maintain vast collections of photographs, documents, and artifacts.

From the earliest times, community members came together to form clubs and organizations, offering social, networking, and community support opportunities. Community volunteers organized a variety of events over the years and sporting events, most often featuring school teams, have long been popular in Escondido.